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12 August 2022
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17 August 2022
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20 August 2022
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Our Mission
Being a creative means more than using the right hashtag. More than finding the right set of keywords. More than being free labour for social media sites

We are daring creatives and consumers to build a world of...
Providing equal access to opportunities & chances to grow
Allowing creatives to elevate, grow & explore their passion
Access to Knowledge
Connecting users to industry content and insights
The Challenges
Creatives exercise creative control everyday, but face limitations to creative freedom everywhere
Cost of Doing Business
Commercializing creatives’ work is broken. Today’s popular platforms that are used to advertise & sell burden creatives with high fees. They take as much as 20% of orders’ earnings leaving little on the table
Ineffective Advertising
Connecting creatives to consumers has become difficult. Both are spread across multiple social media platforms making searching the right service, the right product or the right creative hard, inefficient, and costly
Divided Communities
Creatives are increasingly separated from their supporters by social networks. Building industry networks & nurturing followers today requires signing-up to far too many sites